Cross Browser Compatibility

What Is Cross Browser Compatibility?

In simplest term Cross browser compatibility means that a website functions properly in all web browsers that have existed since web began. Technology is changing everyday and there occures always so many changes in web browsers, so every website must be maintained with latest technology. website standerd is constantly changing and consistant resurch is critical in staying ahead of thesse standerds. the latest tools are used to make the website compatible with all browsers. At GeniousIT, all costumer gets their websites in the perfect way so that their website looks perfectly in all browsers. At GeniousIT, the genious workers always keep in their mind about this cross browser compatibilty while making any website.


Cross Browser Compatibility is the main part of web designing process and always go into the testing phase. When the website is designed and implimented of size and regardless of the type of site(eCommerce Website, News Website, Informational Website and Web Portal, etc.), then the website undergo to a series of tests in order to determine error in design and functionality. The websites will be tested in all type of browesers and all vertions of different type of browers. there are so many tools through which the website undergo through different tests and if there any error occures the genious developer makes changes at this point of time. And this procedure goes on untill all the errors will be removed. In this day and age, there are several web browsers out in the markit, the web design must be perfect for all the browsers. At GeniousIT, the developer takes extra time to check the compatibility of the website to different web browsers and different vertions of web browsers.

Why must a website function properly in all vertions of all web browsers?

The simple answer of this question is that the developer dont know that the viewer of the website is using which web browsers. There are so many viewer who uses very old vertions of browsers. the viewer who is using very old vertion of web browsers will see the website in a different way then the original, so this is necessory to do cross browser compatibility.

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