We at GeniousIT can help you out on developing the site according to your desires with the state of the technologies. The websites always depend on the wish of the clint. Websites can be made as the wish of the costumer. GeniousIT takes the ideas from the clint and then gives the proper responce to the costumer and if the costumer wants to have the change in this websites then the developer can do the suitable changes according to the wish. There are so many types of websites. websites can be created according to the wish of the costumer. Mainly there are three type of websites.

Static Websites: Static websites are generally text base which means that these websites can not be changed by the clint. Static websites are more search engine friendly websites but they have only one drawback that the clint can not make any changes in the websites that means that the website will look same after finishing.

Flash Websites: Flash Websites are for entertainment, game, animation or visual effects that are mainly used for showing some kind of animation to the viewer. Flash websites are very useful to represent your products, some kind of animations, some kind of visual effects, any portfolio, movies work, audio and vedio work, games or service in very intresting way. Flash website gives unique and novel look to your web site, with flashy animated effects that attract the viewer and the viewer get attached with your website.

Dynamic Websites: Dynamic Websites is the websites that are used for bigger businesses through which the clint can also handel the websites. Dynamic Websites can be used for various applications like news websites or travel websites, etc.., where there is a from login pages through which the person who has their unique ID and password can ligin and do their work on websites, company employees can login to update or to edit any articles and report data directly into the websites from anywhere and from the project’s database. Clint can have option to go for a dynamic website which will automatically changes your content based on changes to your business, like braking news, like stock items, like travelling articles, stock status, like exchange prices, prices, important messages, market news for exchange, articles, services and more.

Software Development

Software Development is one of our most relished activities. Successful development of all software supported by Office Efficiencies is qualifying skill-set of our Tech Team.

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Website Development

For over last so many years- from the early days of the Internet going mainstream in India- we have been delivering the highest and the best quality of website solutions.

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Search Engine Optimization

We at understand need for effectiveness of search engine ranking as we are one who drive in user traffic to a website and generate lot of profit and business opportunities.

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Website Maintenance is a website designing company which gives their services in website designing, Developing and website maintanence. The website maintanance is needed for every website.

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